We charge by the job and not by the hour.

Our experience in charging by the hour is that a natural reaction of rushing in order to save you money occurs. This can results in compromising the quality of work and your finished product. So, instead we just save you the money up front. By charging by the job we are able to better focus on getting your plumbing problem fixed honestly and correctly, the first time. Contrary to what some might believe it has been our experience that charging by the job will ultimately save you money.

Even though the price does not reflect an hourly rate, we will still give you an estimate of how much time we feel the job may take. Sometimes we finish quality work substantially earlier than we estimated and other times we finish substantially later than estimated.

Why is this?

Well, it may not seem like it but there are many variables with plumbing. Different pipes require different tools and techniques to repair. The space available to access the pipes can also create problems in the time it takes to finish. As well as running into unforeseeable problems that cannot be detected until the pipe is open. And just the overall wear on your plumbing system that naturally comes from age and use.