This is a service that is unique to our company. In our experience we have found that many homeowners don’t have a basic knowledge about the plumbing system in their home. As a result, many have not been able to identify potential problems or know what to do in a plumbing crisis. This has eventually lead to causing more damage to their home. Translation: costing you more money. We don’t want to see this happen to any homeowner any more because it doesn’t have to!

With this service you will learn the basics of the plumbing system in your home!

We will walk with you around your property and home, teaching you about the plumbing system you have, and answering questions you may have about your plumbing system. As we are doing so we will also be inspecting your plumbing to help identify any potential problems and things for you to keep an eye on.

What you will learn during the inspection:

  • Where your Water Main Line is located and how to shut it off
  • Where the water comes into your house and how to shut it off
  • If all faucets have an accessible shut-off valve and how to shut off an individual faucet
  • How to read a Water Meter
  • What type of pipes you have and the benefits of them or the benefits of others
  • Identifying what your pipes should look like and what they should not look like
  • Where the gas shut-off valve is located and how to shut it off
  • Where your septic waste system and the clean out plugs are located

We will spend about 60-90 minutes or less with you during this learning inspection. The time varies due to the time it may take to be able to locate the correct valves at your home and their functional condition.

Keep your receipt from this service and if you have a problem with something that was identified during this inspection the service call fee will be waived.

This is only a $65 service